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Georgia International Education Group

Georgia International Education Group (GIEG) is the largest international educational consulting company of the southeastern United States located in Atlanta, Georgia. GIEG aims to lead the global education industry through bridging the gap between the U.S. and most of the Asian countries. We offer diverse programs for students who are seeking academic opportunities in America, while serve as platform for the passionate English language speakers who are dedicated to international educational career. Founded in 2014, we have built solid partnership with different private and public schools around the U.S., and empowered thousands of students on global studies.


GIEG Academy is a learning center for current students operated by GIEG in Duluth, Georgia. GIEG Academy offers academic support, the proof of language course, SAT, ACT, AP tutoring and the other related courses. Each student will be assigned one professional counselor to prepare the next level school application. 

GIEG offers several programs from private school (grades 1-12) to undergraduate school and graduate school. Please follow the instructions to find your program of interest and submit the online application. Once you have submitted your application, our counselor will contact you directly.

We are offering teaching positions in Asia. 

GIEG has established cooperation with many Chinese international schools which has exemplified excellence in education field. We want to provide the best educational resources and then enhance the quality of the education for English language learners in China. Thus, GIEG decides to utilize its own resources and attract more potential talents who are interested in the teaching abroad opportunities from U.S. This program is designed for the potentials who already has teaching experience or want to gain more before they start their educational career. GIEG will take full charge of ESL teacher’s recruiting and training to better serve our partner school’s students. The desirable candidates will be arranged to several working locations in China and conduct teaching activities for at least one year. GIEG fully respects every teacher’s rights and benefits: medical insurance, housing and round airfare is covered by the program.

GIEG has several partner private middle and high schools around the country, especially in the area of Atlanta, Georgia.  It not only has agreements with private schools, but also GIEG has partnerships with public schools around Atlanta. We use a successful method to meet the admissions requirements of outstanding private schools for the international students. GIEG will depend on each student’s academic level to determine placement for studying at our different partner schools. GIEG considers the international students are not like local students, due to their weakness of language, and the international student will be placed in an ESL program as well as regular school classes. The purpose of the ESL program at our partner private schools is to help our international students who just arrived in America follow the regular classes at school like traditional local students.  


Meanwhile, GIEG has a large hosting family connection to provide international students living in the United States with safe and cheerful living arrangements.  Then international parents do not need to worry about their children’s life in America. They will obtain a high-quality education, develop their independence for the future, and enjoy the satisfaction of a cross cultural hosting family experience through GIEG. 

The partner schools of GIEG are located all over the country, but are particularly found in Atlanta, Georgia.  GIEG selected some familiar universities and they have been our partners in international education for many years.

The students can go to a GIEG partner university without any proof of language test. Some of the students whose English is not strong enough for regular classes will need to take English intensive classes along with regular courses to enhance those students’ language skills.  Meanwhile, GIEG had has built up an ESL program at in several countries, like China, Vietnam, and other countries. The students can take classes at their home country, and once the students can reach the requirement of regular classes, they can travel to U.S. and begin the regular classes at our partner university. The purpose of the College Bridge program is to let more and more students obtain high quality education without a great deal of restrictions due to language limitations.


GIEG has some characteristic major program like Art and Design major, Aviation program and the other majors

Emergency Transfer

GIEG provides emergency transfer services for all international students who are attending U.S. schools, no matter if enrolled in middle school, high school or university. If a student receives a warning at the current school (for example, a warning letter regarding a violation of discipline, a probation notice, a suspension notice or even a dismissal decision) GIEG will make a quick estimation of student’s status and ensure that the student can transfer to our partner school within one to three weeks with legal student status. For the emergency transfer service, it will depend on student’s current status, but normally it takes seven business days to get new I-20 approved. 

College Counseling

GIEG provides integrated service for middle school, high school, and university applications, including personal consultation, proof of language test tutoring, interview experience, and other related services. The application specialists will design plans catering to the student’s own characteristics and goals, prepare application materials accordingly and continue to offer follow-up services after the admission. 

Short-term Visit Program

The short-term visit program at GIEG offers several kinds of visiting programs, including summer and winter camps, exchange student, and academic exchange visiting program. The purpose of the short-term program is to allow students to experience different teaching styles and to strengthen their knowledge about American cultural and academic environments.  The students will take classes in U.S. private or public schools which is not only enhances their language, but also helps prepare for their future U.S. education plans. 

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