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​GIEG has several partner private middle and high schools around the country, especially in the area of Atlanta, Georgia.  It not only has agreements with private schools, but also GIEG has partnerships with public schools around Atlanta. We use a successful method to meet the admissions requirements of outstanding private schools for the international students. GIEG will depends on each student’s academic level to determine placement them for studying at our different partner schools. GIEG considers the international students is are not like local students, due to their weakness of language, and the international student will be placed in an ESL program as well as regular school classes. The purpose of the ESL program at our partner private schools is to help our international students who just arrived in America follow the regular classes at school like traditional local students.  


Meanwhile, GIEG has a large hosting family connection to provide international students living in the United States with safe and cheerful living arrangements.  Then international parents do not need to worry about their children’s life in America. They will obtain a high-quality education, develop their independence for the future, and enjoy the satisfaction of a cross-culture cultural hosting family experience at through GIEG. 

Partner School

  1. Birth Certificate 

  2. Passport

  3. Transcripts from the last 2-3 years

  4. Immunization Record

  5. Recommendation Letters

  6. A short Essay in English

  7. Proof of Language Test - Not all school required

  8. Online Interview

  9. Bank Statement