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Teaching Abroad

GIEG has established cooperation with many Chinese international schools which has exemplified excellence in education field. We want to provide the best educational resources and then enhance the quality of the education for English language learners in China. Thus, GIEG decides to utilize its own resources and attract more potential talents who are interested in the teaching abroad opportunities from U.S. This program is designed for the potentials who already has teaching experience or want to gain more before they start their educational career. GIEG will take full charge of ESL teacher’s recruiting and training to better serve our partner school’s students. The desirable candidates will be arranged to several working locations in China and conduct teaching activities for at least one year. GIEG fully respects every teacher’s rights and benefits: medical insurance, housing and round airfare is covered by the program.


We are excited to announce the teaching opportunities happen in CHINA! Currently We have vacancies for teaching positions across China, so if you prefer the fast-paced city life of cities like Beijing, or want to be immersed in the more traditional culture of a smaller city like Pingdingshan, we have the position right for you.


We are looking for the candidates who has a proficient English level similar as native English speakers. The candidate must have a bachelor degree or higher, major in Education, English, Math, Business, Science or other related fields. At least one or two year’s teaching experience is a plus for people who has a bachelor degree. With master degree or higher then no experience will be required. Inspiring personalities and high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for teaching will also be considered by our hiring team. It is preferable if you have TESOL or equivalent certificate, but it is not highly necessary. To ensure the safety of our students, the candidate must have the ability to obtain a clear background check.


We will fully assist you with visa obtaining process and everything related to relocation in China. Chinese team leader will provide training and necessary instructions about live abroad.

Partner Schools in China

  1. Foreign Language School Attached to Anhui Normal University, Wuhu City, Anhui Province

Foreign Language School Attached to Anhui Normal University, located in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, is the first public foreign language school of Anhui Province and the member of China National Association of Foreign Language Schools. It has a history of over 100 years. Now it offers both junior middle school and senior middle school courses. Currently it has over 2700 students and 150 faculty members. The School is equipped with advanced teaching facilities, top multimedia lab, art studio, etc. 

Wuhu is a beautiful city with a long history over 2000 years. It is located in the southeast of Anhui Province, and the southern bank of lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It was the center of economy, culture, and transportation of southeastern Anhui. It was the first port that was open for international trade in Anhui Province. It holds the title of Excellent Tourist City of China for its beautiful scenery.

  2.  Liuzhou High School, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province

Founded in 1907, Liuzhou High School is a modern school with a history of over 100 years. It is an Experimental School for National Science and Technology Innovation and Talent Cultivation and one of the top ten primary and secondary schools in Guangxi for Standardized Management. The school has 4077 students 275 faculty members currently. Liuzhou High School has always adhered to the Philosophy of “providing students with an all-around education” and has cultivated large number of talented students in both ability and moral integrity for home and abroad. It persists in offering the highest quality education by continuous improvement and innovation. Its international program is designed for the high school students who intend to seek a higher education abroad. In the past two years, 60 graduates were admitted by 203 abroad universities and granted scholarship about 108,000 US dollars per year. 

Liuzhou, Dragon city, is located in the middle of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a famous historic and cultural city, and is also well-known for its fantastic landscape. 


With green mountains standing around and a Crystal river meandering through the city, Liuzhou gets a fine reputation of "the world No.1 natural bonsai". During the past decades, Liuzhou has been developing greatly in urban planning, eco-environment, residential quarters, etc. and has initially shaped a good environment for people's living and business with beautiful scenery, clean surroundings, prosperous economy and flourishing society. Liuzhou was honored as "A Famous Historic & Cultural City in China", "China Advanced Garden Greening City", "China Excellent Tourist City", etc. According to the 2009 Blue Book of City Competitiveness in China - Report of City Competitiveness in China, three indexes of Liuzhou city rank among top10, including the capacity of government promoting, the environment comfort, and the natural environment beauty.


Liuzhou is also a regional central city and a transportation hub. It is one of the 45 main highway hubs of China. It is also a state level-A harbor, through which Guizhou province can be reached to Hong Kong upwards, and to Macao downwards. Its Bailian Airport has a passenger capacity of 12 million per year and the destinations cover most of major domestic cities.

  3.   Pingdingshan Experimental High School, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province





Founded in 1958, Pingdingshan Experimental High School is the earliest senior high school in Pingdingshan and one of the first top 24 key high schools in Henan Province. With scientific management and excellent teaching, it has been honored as Provincial Model School since 2005 and it is the only provincial model school that was named "Champion School" by Pingdingshan Municipal Education Bureau. Pingdingshan Experimental High School has 148 full-time faculty members and around 2000 students. All the classrooms are equipped with advanced multimedia system.

Pingdingshan is located in the center of Henan Province and has a population of 5 million. It enjoys the titles of China’s Top Tourism City, National Forest City, National Garden City, China’s Hometown to Folk Art, Hometown to Calligraphy, Hometown to Ru Porcelain Ceramic Art Culture, Hometown to China’s Magic, and Hometown to China’s Buddism Godness Guanyin Culture.


More school locations are coming up this summer...


Opening Positions

High School Teacher (Relocate in China)


Opening Positions: English Teacher, Math Teacher, Science Teacher



Currently We have vacancies for teaching positions across China, so if you prefer the fast-paced city life of cities like Beijing or want to be immersed in the more traditional culture of a smaller city like Pingdingshan, we have the position right for you.

·       Teaching English to students in China aged 6-18 in groups of up to 25 students

·       Planning and delivering lessons to students

·       Assigning and evaluating out of class exercises

·       Using the school developed courseware to teach English efficiently and effectively

·       Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement to both students and their parents


What we offer:


Salary: $2200 to $2700/month (14000 – 17000 RMB monthly, based on qualification and school location)

One-year contract: August, 2018 – July, 2019

Contract-Renewal Bonus: Up to $1900

Paid Vacation: National paid holidays including 3-5 weeks’ winter holiday

Flexible Hours: 18-20 teaching periods per week; 40-45 minutes per teaching period

Work Visa and Residence Permit: Assistance with procuring Z visa and reimbursement of visa application fee

Insurance: Medical coverage provided

Airfare: Round trip airfare included for one-year contract

Boarding: Private apartment provided (on or near campus)


FREE professional training and Mandarin Chinese language support provided


What we need:


Native English speakers or candidates speaking as a native English speaker

Bachelor degree  with at least two year’s teaching experience;

Master degree with no experience required  

TESOL and equivalent certificates are preferable

The ability to obtain a clear background check

Inspiring personalities and high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for teaching

Must be able to obtain a valid working Visa for China

The ability to live abroad (required)


How to apply:


If you are interested in the teaching position, please send your resume to the following email:

contact@giegacademy.org, and we will contact the desirable candidates within 7 business days.