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The partner schools of GIEG are located all over the country, but are particularly found in Atlanta, Georgia.  GIEG selected some familiar universities and they have been our partners in international education for many years.

The students can go to a GIEG partner university without any proof of language test. Some of the students whose English is not strong enough for regular classes will need to take English intensive classes along with regular courses to enhance those students’ language skills.  Meanwhile, GIEG had has built up an ESL program at in several countries, like China, Vietnam, and other countries. The students can take classes at their home country, and once the students can reach the requirement of regular classes, they can travel to U.S. and begin the regular classes at our partner university. The purpose of the College Bridge program is to let more and more students obtain high quality education without a great deal of restrictions due to language limitations.


GIEG has some characteristic major program like Art and Design major, Aviation program and the other majors

  1. Passport

  2. Transcripts

  3. Personal Statement in English

  4. Recommendation Letters

  5. Proof of Language Test

  6. SAT or ACT Score

  7. Bank Statement

Partner School